Windows 10 Dogged by Privacy Concerns

Windows 10 Dogged by Privacy Concerns

While developers are increasingly embracing encryption and building apps with privacy as a key selling point our operating systems are moving in the opposite direction:

“Some users have even gone so far as to claim Windows 10 keylogs what you type and sends it back to Microsoft servers, with your machine ID in tow, every 30 minutes. Further still, it has been claimed that torrent users and tracker sites are being targeted by Microsoft (for pirated software) as well, and at least one of these sites have banned Windows 10 users altogether as a result.”

Geeks have options (see this roundup of privacy-oriented Linux distros), and some would argue that they’re fighting a losing battle anyway, but without a doubt everyone else is pwned right out of the box.


Recent updates to Windows 7 and 8 are raising concerns as well.