You can reach me via Mastodon at or email via If you would like the conversation to be encrypted make sure that you use a free ProtonMail account of your own.

Before You Write

A lot of sketchy stuff has come my way over the years so here are some things to keep in mind before you send an email:

  • Attachments will not be opened. Please don't send them.

  • I am not interested in any marketing partnerships or financial opportunities related to the blog or social media.

  • Please don't waste your time dangling leaks or other protected information with the intention of leveraging Blogs of War as a distribution point. I will not be used as an outlet to surface anything that shouldn't be public or that can't be verified.

  • If you are in a country where emailing Blogs of War might put you in jeorpardy then please think twice about doing so. Email encryption alone may not provide enough security and in some places it might even place you under suspicion. Know what you're doing or please don't do it.

  • Don't send threats directed at me or anyone else. I'm not bothered by them but I will have to forward them to law enforcement. That annoys me, law enforcement, and in the end, probably you most of all.

Please don't let the warnings deter you if you want to say hi or connect on a topic of interest. I always enjoy hearing from Blogs of War readers and Covert Contact listeners - just don't be sketchy.