November 5, 2014 · Covert Contact Social Media Strategy ISIS Terrorism

Why Daesh's Social Media Campaign is a Massive Failure

In episode 7 of the Covert Contact podcast I’m pushing back at the notion that Daesh’s social media use is going to be a significant driver in their long-term success. The group might have mastered trolling and they can shoot and edit passable HD video but are these activities going to help them achieve their goals or are they, in fact, undermining themselves with every tweet and every recorded act of brutality? You’ve read the title so I think you know where I’m going with this.

This episode ends with a message from Ambassador Lukman Faily. Iraq’s Ambassador to the United States is an engaging presence on Twitter and I’ve interviewed him twice for Blogs of War. The Ambassador argues that Daesh is a global problem, not just an Iraqi one, and comments on the changes his government is making to address critical internal political and social issues.

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