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Coronavirus Resources: The Truth About COVID-19

A frightening global event with life or death consequences presents the greatest possible challenge to information quality. Viral misinformation, disinformation, outright fraud, political motives, the opportunity to make a quick buck, and attention seeking drives the creation of massive amounts of content to feed the insatiable demand that fear has fuelled.

I'm not going to break down the information challenges in detail here but I have compiled quality resources and links to those who are tirelessly calling out the misinformation as it arises.

The bottom line is that there are reliable experts and organizations that can be trusted here. Getting your outbreak news from one of the thousands of brand new and anonymous Twitter accounts pushing viral videos, "independent" media sites that are also trying to sell you survival supplies, highly partisan sources that always have a political aim in their "reporting", or anyone claiming to have a cure is sure to produce poor, possibly even life-threatening, results.

This list is far from complete but it will point you to solid sources that traffic in official data and medically/scientifically accurate information. I will update it periodically throughout the outbreak.

Please note that links to Chinese media are included in a dedicated section. These are obviously subject to government control but I would still consider them essential monitoring in this situation as long as that bias is clearly understood.

Mapping the Outbreak

World Health Organization (WHO)

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

International Health Departments and Ministries

Reliable Media

Chinese Media

Additional Fact Checking

Preparing for an Outbreak

I wrote a follow-up post with resources primarily aimed at Americans who need to prepare for community spread.

As always, reach out if you have suggestions.

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