The Podcast is Back: Future Plans, How To Follow Along, and How You Can Get Involved.

The Podcast is Back: Future Plans, How To Follow Along, and How You Can Get Involved.

Podcasting, especially when you lack any particular talent for it, is hard work. But it’s rewarding and worth the effort so I’ve managed to shift some projects around and re-prioritize things to put the podcast first. The only visible aspect of this reorganization will be a substantial reduction of my annoying commentary on Twitter so that I can, you guessed it, shift that annoying commentary to the podcast.

The show kicked off again this week with an excellent hour long review of counterintelligence issues with Blogs of War contributor William Tucker. Next week’s episode will be an interview with espionage author Howard Kaplan. There are other great guests and some surprises in the pipeline as well. I’ll try to release a new episode each week – and hopefully more as time allows.

You can subscribe to the show via iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud, or directly via RSS. You should see Covert Contact in the Google Play Music store soon as well.

If you’re new to podcasting finding a decent player is important. I recommend both Overcast for iOS and the multi-platform Pocket Casts. You can’t go wrong with either one.

Of course, you can do more than just listen to the show. I’d love to have you call in to the Covert Contact voicemail line (1-443-681-9430) and share your thoughts. Some of those messages have and will find their way into future episodes. I’ve written a short guide that explains the entire process.

Feedback is important so if you like what you’re hearing, and want more of it, ratings and comments at places like iTunes are helpful. You can also reach out to me directly. Thanks for reading – and listening.