The Manchester Attack

Regular contributor William J. Tucker joined me to examine the Manchester Attack about 24 hours after it occurred.

The Manchester Attack

The past few months have been extremely busy. I joined the Institute for the Future as a 2017 Future for Good Fellow (more on that later), spent time in Iceland with the IFTF crew and members of the Icelandic government (more on that later too), only to return and immediately relocate to a new city to kickoff an ambitious new project for a new employer. It has all been great fun (and challenging) but the podcast and blog have had to take a back seat.

Life hasn't exactly returned to normal yet but it is getting better. More importantly, the recording gear has been relocated, reassembled, and re-calibrated. It may take a bit longer still to get into a regular production cycle but efforts are being made. I'll do what I can to get new episodes out.

While it is good to be back, this return from hiatus (unfortunately) coincided with the suicide bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England on the 22nd. Regular contributor William J. Tucker joined me to examine the event, and record this episode, about 24 hours after it occurred. We dug into the issues surrounding soft targets, the information challenges mass causality events pose to authorities, media, and the public, the potential existence of a terrorist cell, and looked at the overall progress of global counterterrorism efforts.

With luck episode 68 will follow before the weekend. A new guest is scheduled to join me on Thursday. We'll be tackling a very different topic. Stay tuned.