September 11, 2015 · Updates Technology Social Media

The Facebook Experiment

I’ve never really committed to making Blogs of War available on Facebook. There’s been a page there for years and it has seen the occasional update but it has been largely neglected because, well because I hate Facebook. And seeing as how Blogs of War isn’t a business, I’ve had the luxury of being able to afford bad decisions. I’m not in this for likes, follows, and pageviews. Unlike many other sites, I don’t need clicks to pay the bills (but do appreciate you following along and reading anyway).

So what’s changed? Well, nothing really. I still hate Facebook. But the audience there is OMFG huge and there is an entire segment of Blogs of War readers who have given up on Twitter entirely.  I have to admit that, while I once thought Twitter was different than other social platforms (and it was for a little while), it has been adrift and steadily (if not rapidly) degrading over the past three or so years. The best aspects of it are largely inaccessible to normal humans, the trolls/bots are the worst, and no other company has ever seemed quite so consumed by hatred of its own developer community. Yeah, Twitter pretty much sucks now too.  So, if you have a choice between publishing on a terrible smallish platform or a terrible gigantic platform there’s certainly no reason to ignore the larger, more viable, of the two. Right?

I might write more about that later (or I might not because I’m sort of sick of the topic and you probably are too) but the real purpose of this post is just to let you know that if you are a Facebook person you can now get the same 24/7 updates there that you would usually get from @blogsofwar on Twitter. That’s right. Facebook people can now follow Blogs of War on Facebook. And if you’re not a Facebook person don’t feel obligated to “Like” me or whatever. Believe me. I get it.

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