August 16, 2020 · Covert Contact Maggie Gwynne Counterintelligence Security

Preparing for A Career in Intelligence: Thoughts on Personal Security and Behavior

Former CIA officer Maggie Gwynne joins me to discuss how those interested in pursuing a career in intelligence should manage their profiles (online and off) and conduct themselves to prepare for a challenging recruitment and training period.

Maggie Gwynne is a former officer of the CIA’s Directorate of Operations, where she served in the Middle East and North Africa. She is an active mentor for several organizations, including one - Girl Security - that provides mentorship to young women ages 14 and up interested in national security.

You can follow Maggie on Twitter @GwynneMaggie

Update: Maggie published more details in "Practical advice for applicants — from a former CIA officer" after her appearance on Covert Contact.

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