July 13, 2014 · Journalism Social Media Mentions Counterterrorism Technology Information Warfare

PBS News Hour: A Twitter Chat on Social Media and Warfare

The nice folks at PBS News Hour asked me to take part in a conversation with one of their producers on Twitter. I don’t think the transcript still exists but it was a fun experiment with a new format:

“Social media can be used to circulate true information in the face of censorship. It can also cause false information to go viral. It has powered revolutions, but it is also used to expand the reach of violent extremists. What is the role of social media in modern warfare? How has this changed as the medium evolves? What responsibility do sites such as Facebook and Twitter have to regulate (or restrict) users’ promotion of military actions?
We invited you to weigh in in a Twitter chat. John Little (@BlogsofWar), who blogs about international relations and national security on his website Blogs of War, and PBS NewsHour foreign affairs producer @PJTobia participated as guests.”

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