March 10, 2017 · Covert Contact Interviews Intelligence Dean Baratta

Intelligence Analysis: Feedback, Bias, and Other Challenges

Dean Baratta, Chief of the Analysis Bureau at New Jersey’s Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness, is part of a team that continues to take risks and do really interesting work. I spent some time with them last year and I continue to check in with him, and others, to see how their work is progressing.

In this episode we discuss bias and how it can impact both the production and consumption of intelligence products. NJOHSP produces a significant amount of unclassified material so we discuss how that can be interpreted (or misinterpreted) and how his office manages the often constructive feedback that it receives from the public.

You can follow NJOHSP on Twitter @NJOHSP and access their unclassified intelligence products at Their podcast, Intelligence, Unclassified is available on iTunes and other platforms.

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