Help Ukraine

Help Ukraine
Photo by Markus Spiske / Unsplash

Here's a roundup of some of the Ukrainian, regional, and international organizations that could use your help.

The National Bank of Ukraine

The National Bank of Ukraine has opened a special fundraising account to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Come Back Alive

"The Foundation purchases equipment that helps saving the lives of the military, including thermal imaging optics, quadcopters, cars, security, and intelligence systems."

Razom for Ukraine

A leading civil society organization in Ukraine that is providing critical humanitarian war relief, providing assisntace to local volunteer organizations, and advocating on behalf of Ukraine abroad.

The Hospitaliers

A Ukrainian volunteer paramedic organization.

People in Need

"More than half a million people fleeing from Ukraine to neighbouring countries desperately need our help. People in Need is already building facilities for them, providing food, hygiene supplies, and psychosocial assistance, mainly on the border with Slovakia. At the crossings with Moldova and Romania, it financially supports and coordinates local NGOs that help refugees on their arduous journey."


"Long-running programs already in place will continue as part of UNICEF's action plan for the country for 2022. These include efforts to immunize children against measles and polio — there have been recent outbreaks of both vaccine-preventable diseases due to lapses in routine immunization coverage — and to shore up critical water, sanitation, electrical and heating facilities and school infrastructure that have already been heavily damaged and remain run-down."

UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR)

"UNHCR staff are on the ground in Ukraine and – like the civilian population – remain caught up in the hostilities. We are committed to stay and deliver assistance when and where access and security allow. Our Office has scaled up its presence and operations in central and western Ukraine, where conditions enable more humanitarian access, and where needs are also growing as people evacuate to the west and onwards and become internally displaced. We are also coordinating with the local authorities to improve the reception conditions at the international border crossing points where people are waiting in line for hours."

International Committee of the Red Cross

"The ICRC has been working in Ukraine since 2014. Our operations in the country are among the ten largest ICRC operations worldwide with a team of over 600 staff members. Working closely with the Ukrainian Red Cross Society, we are increasing our response to the humanitarian needs in Ukraine. Our support to people includes emergency assistance such as food, water, and other essential items. We also support hospitals and primary healthcare facilities with medical equipment and emergency preparedness. We repair water stations and support households to rehabilitate their damaged homes. We also help families separated by the conflict reconnect."

Médecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders

"We have teams in Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, Hungary, Slovakia, Russia, and Belarus. MSF is an independent and impartial organization committed to providing medical humanitarian assistance to people affected by the war no matter who they are or where they are."

Habitat for Humanity

"Habitat for Humanity National Offices in the neighbouring countries of Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia are responding to the Ukraine crisis. We are supporting refugees fleeing the conflict arriving at bordering countries through:

  • The provision of essentials to those who have left everything behind.
  • Providing vital equipment including heaters and mattresses to the transitory shelters immediately on the border.
  • Working in partnership with local hotel groups to provide first week stay vouchers for families transiting through each country or looking for longer term accommodation 400 hotel rooms provided in Romania to date."

Voices of Children

"Our objective is that every child who has suffered from the war in Ukraine must get psychological help in time...We are working in various villages and towns along the frontline in Donetsk and Luhansk regions."

Disasters Emergency Committee

"The DEC brings together 15 leading UK aid charities to raise funds quickly and efficiently at times of crisis overseas."

The Kyiv Independent

"The Kyiv Independent is Ukraine’s English-language media outlet, created by journalists who were fired from the Kyiv Post for defending editorial independence."

The New Voice of Ukraine

"While some of our journalists have joined the Territorial Defense Forces, the rest have been covering events in Ukraine around the clock. Dozens of our reporters and editors have written news for the website while sheltering from Russian airstrikes, sharing it all on social media, while others broadcast non-stop for Radio NV. Now millions of people all over Ukraine and abroad are reading and listening to us. The United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Poland, and other countries are reading the English version of the website. For many of them, we have become one of the main sources of information about the war."