February 6, 2017 · Updates

Covert Contact Returns - And Other News

Covert Contact returned today with a new episode that was originally recorded (but not released) in October. Andrew Trabulsi joins me to discuss the challenges inherent in forecasting technology-driven change and we close out the show with some thoughts on how data was used during the presidential campaign and how it is shaping the media we consume.

I am increasingly consumed with offline projects related to propaganda, bots, trolls, personalized media, and some of the other less than positive aspects of technology. That was part of the reason that Covert Contact production was briefly put on hold late last year. I hope to have more to say about some of that work soon. In the meantime, I’m going to try to release additional episodes of Covert Contact. New interviews are being scheduled now.

There will also be new print interview with a former ambassador (with an important perspective) appearing in this space in a few days. At least that is the plan. I don’t want to say more, other than I’m excited about it, so check back in a few days or keep an eye on Twitter for the announcement.

Thank you for your tweets and emails while during the break. I was not able to respond to all of you but your appreciation for the show means a lot.

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