Covert Contact Podcast: The Chinese Espionage Episodes

Your guide to 12 Covert Contact episodes focused on the counterintelligence challenges posed by China.

Covert Contact Podcast: The Chinese Espionage Episodes
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William Tucker and I covered Chinese espionage directed at the U.S. well before it was cool so in honor of yesterday's massive roll-up of Chinese operations I did a quick sweep of the archives and collected most of the relevant episodes here.

The cases announced yesterday are a nice start but they hardly represent a dent in China's massive espionage machine. There are undoubtedly multiple companies and academic institutions that have individually been compromised by more spies than charged in the combined cases revealed by the DOJ yesterday. Casting a very wide (and often sloppy) net continues to work extremely well for China so these episodes are still relevant and we still have a lot of work to do.

Chinese Spies in US Law Enforcement - And Everywhere Else
The regular counterintelligence chat with William Tucker is a day late but full of new Chinese espionage activity in the NYPD, the EU, and beyond. We also touch on intelligence history and why literature from the Middle Ages or beyond is not only fascinating but still relevant.
French Officer Busted Spying on NATO for GRU & Other Espionage Cases
William Tucker joins me to discuss two high profile cases this week, sloppy Chinese tradecraft, and why it always pays to visit the FBI before the FBI visits you.
Texas A&M, NASA, and Chinese Espionage
William Tucker joins me to discuss the Zhengdong Cheng case, how Chinese espionage might be forced to evolve, global awareness of the scope of China’s spying, and how organizations can protect themselves if they haven’t started evaluating their own risk.
Washington Takes Aim at the Confucius Institute
Today’s decision to force the Confucius Institute to register as a foreign mission is the subject of my regular Thursday evening counterintelligence chat with Covert Contact regular William Tucker. We look at why it was necessary and where we, and China, might go from here.
Chinese Spies and Russian Honey Traps
William J. Tucker returns for our regular Thursday evening counterintelligence chat. We start off by discussing the resource challenges in addressing Chinese espionage but quickly pivot to thoughts on Russian cases, honey traps, and more.
Chinese Espionage in the United States
William Tucker is back to discuss the scale of Chinese espionage in the United States and some of the misconceptions that have hampered our response to the threat.
What’s Happening at the Chinese Consulate in Houston?
Houston rarely finds itself at the center of geopolitical drama but that changed overnight as firefighters and police surrounded the Chinese consulate as staff there began burning massive amounts of documentation in the building’s courtyard.
The Jerry Chun Shing Lee Case
Jerry Chun Shing Lee, a former CIA case officer, is suspected by many to have compromised CIA activities in China but has only been charged with the less serious crime of unlawful retention of national defense information.
Economic Espionage: No One Is Immune
William J. Tucker, a regular contributor on counterintelligence and security topics for Blogs of War and Covert Contact, joins me for a deep dive on economic espionage.
Beyond Russia: Overlooked Counterintelligence Threats
Russian intelligence presents a significant challenge for the United States but it is far from the only threat. There are dozens of nations and non-state actors actively collecting against us at any given time.
Lieutenant Commander Edward Lin: Identity, Espionage, and Counterintelligence
William J. Tucker joins John W. Little on episode 43 of the Covert Contact national security podcast.
Counterintelligence: William J. Tucker Breaks Down the Challenges
William J. Tucker joins John W. Little on episode 12 of the Covert Contact national security podcast.