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Counterintelligence in the Trump Era

William J. Tucker, regular contributor on counterintelligence topics for Blogs of War and Covert Contact, joins me to discuss the unprecedented challenge the Trump presidency poses to both U.S. counterintelligence and the intelligence community as whole.

The questions and concerns are almost too numerous to catalog - as are the observed ties between the Trump administration and the Putin machine. But while the known connections and appearance of influence are profoundly disturbing more has to be done to make (or eliminate) a case - especially when a U.S. President sits at the heart of the matter.

This highly politicized mess carries enormous potential for political and professional disaster for those charged with investigating it. Still, avoidance is not an option. The potential threat posed to U.S. national security, should our worst fears prove true, is incalculable. The danger is off the charts.

It is difficult to image a more highly-charged environment for a counterintelligence investigation. It is certain that politicians and political operatives will point fingers throughout the process. The public will do the same. Solid and wildly conspiratorial theories will be relentlessly spun on social media. The press will, no doubt, continue their push as well. However, in the midst of all this noise there is one investigation that truly matters and that is the topic of this podcast.

You can follow William on Twitter @tuckerwj.

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