Call For Papers: National Security Assessments Written by AI

Divergent Options and Blogs of War are collaborating on an exciting experiment at the intersection of AI and national security. We're seeking submissions of AI-generated articles based on prompts crafted by writers like you.

Call For Papers: National Security Assessments Written by AI
Created with ChatGPT (DALL·E)

Phil Walter of Divergent Options (a frequent guest on Covert Contact) and I were discussing LLMs in the national security space and decided that a call for AI-generated papers would be an interesting experiment.

To be clear, the experiment (from my perspective) isn't to determine whether AI can do this effectively or not. I work on developing and implementing systems that can do this and know for a fact that it can. I'm more interested in seeing how well the Divergent Options & Blogs of War communities can leverage this approach. I also hope that it might motivate some mid-level or senior folks in the natsec space to get moving and start experimenting with this technology.

Submissions are due April 20, 2024. You can find all the details about the project, including their style guide, a sample prompt, and sample output, on Divergent Options. Good luck and check back here for links to published papers.

Published Submissions

Chinese Activities in Kiribati
China’s growing influence in Kiribati, a strategically located Pacific island nation, raises concerns for the US and allies due to potential threats to regional stability and power dynamics in this AI-written piece.