July 14, 2014 · Mentions Journalism

Business Insider's Take on My Anthony Bourdain Interview

BI has a really nice review of the interview (which is by far the mostly widely read piece I’ve ever written):

“This week John Little, from Blogs Of War, which offers excellent insight into international politics, security and conflict, published a fascinating interview with the chef, in which Bourdain says “I used to think that basically, the whole world, that all humanity were basically bastards. I’ve since found that most people seem to be pretty nice – basically good people doing the best they can.”
He’s travelled to a number of political hotspots and conflict zones, learning that food plays a massive part in how a conflict plays out too. For example, in pre-revolution Egypt, authorities prevented him from going out shoot scenes of people eating street food because the army controlled flour and bread supplies and many of the population were missing out.”

You can read the interview with Tony here.

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