October 11, 2019 · Personal

Anthony Bourdain: The Last Interview: and Other Conversations

I almost ignored Melville House when they reached out to ask if I would contribute my 2014 interview with Anthony Bourdain to a small collection they were hoping to publish. But Melville House cofounder Dennis Johnson was both persistent and passionate about the project.

Eventually, I agreed to grant the rights in exchange for a Melville House donation to National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.  I had no interest in personally benefiting from a tragedy that impacted me and so many others so deeply. I wish that Tony was still with us and that this book didn't exist - at least not yet. However, I am happy that the insights and humanity that he shared in our discussion will be available to an even larger audience and a that good cause will benefit in the process. That's a pretty crappy trade, as most silver linings are, but you take what you can get.

The book is available at Amazon (and just about everywhere else.)

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