Podcast: What Did Russia Gain in Syria?

Regular Blogs of War and Covert Contact contributor William Tucker joins me after a long break to discuss Russia’s intervention in Syria. Why are they there, what were their true motives, what have they gained, and where does this action fit in the context of Russia’s long-standing adversarial position with NATO and the West? We also look at Russia’s conflict with Turkey, structural weaknesses influencing their behavior, and prospects for improving their relationship with the West along the way. You can download or stream the episode from CovertContact.com and subscribe on iTunes (or the podcast platform of your choice).

Podcast production has been challenging lately but I am working to up the tempo. Two more episodes featuring Andrew Trabulsi have been recorded and are in the editing phase and additional guests are in the pipeline. As always, I’m interested in your feedback, topic suggestions, and making new contacts. Get in touch via encrypted email, the contact form, or Twitter.


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