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Blogs of War uses ProtonMail which is an encrypted email provider based in Switzerland. Creating a free ProtonMail account is the most secure way to get in touch. Email sent from ProtonMail accounts to the blogsofwar.com accounts listed below are encrypted end-to-end.  Anyone can use the addresses below but only ProtonMail users will have their communication encrypted by default.

If privacy isn’t a concern, then the contact form below might be an easier way to get in touch.

Encrypted Messaging & Voice

Signal/WhatsApp: +1 (443) 681-9430

Signal Fingerprint:

05 fd 70 09 07 83 9a 8a a7 39 01 b1 0c 48 45 40 1b b2 84 36 b8 b9 e1 d2 fc ce 8f 24 6c a2 0b 62 24

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