I like adventure too – but you have to take your brain along if you want to survive. Mr. Kearney left his at home, too much Xtreme Mountain Dew perhaps, but got lucky (assuming he recovers) anyway.


  1. sparrow

    Kevin got what he deserved.

    I like living on the end from time to time, and anyone who does, can tell you there is a major difference between that and being just stupid.

    Hope he recovers, but he has no one to blame by himself.

    Unfortunately, this incident will most likely not deter other idiots.

  2. Adm

    Seriously, not to kick someone while they’re down, but this guy here is a mf’ing IDIOT that for lack of a better phrase deserved this, at the least had it coming. If there was ever a case for learning the hard way. Somebody get this guy into a physics class quick before he kills himself. I don’t sympathize or feel bad for the guy in any way shape or form, but I do hope he’s okay.

  3. Stephen Walker

    Forrest Gump once said “stupid is as stupid does.” While he’s in the hospital,the doctor’s need to clip this guy. The human race has enough dumbass’ in the gene pool. The term “Evolution in Action” comes to mind, a quote from Niven and Pournelle, but it only applies to the recently departed.

  4. Ron

    Kevin probably would have nominated for a Darwin Award if he had not survived. I hope he does (survive, that is) and with a full recovery. Maybe next time he’ll think about the consequences before doing something dumb like that. I know it has to be hard on his mom (I saw a TV interview with her). What can she say?

    Fortunately, he lost his common sense while on a beach instead of inside a car or truck. He could have taken several people with him.

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