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Sharing your take on a Covert Contact episode, national security, intelligence, or tech topic with the Covert Contact community is easy. Just call 1-443-681-9430 and leave a message. You can call at any time and on any subject but you must avoid profanity and keep the message under three minutes in length.

Can’t think of a topic? Here are some questions that I’ll likely be exploring soon:

  1. How will the advancement of artificial intelligence and robotics impact our decision making process in future political conflicts? How will they change the nature of war?
  2. How do we asses risk in what seems like an increasingly chaotic world? What do you think is our most significant threat?
  3. Where should the intelligence community be directing its talent and resources now and in the near future?
  4. What role does the media play in our understanding of national security, especially in their coverage of events like terrorist attacks? What could they do better?
  5. How is social media changing politics, national security, and the collection of intelligence?
  6. How can we develop new approaches to intractable problems such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict or North Korea?
  7. What role can hardware/software hackers play in building platforms that enable/facilitate information transfer for people in places like North Korea or Iran?
  8. How can we get ahead of radicalization and what can be done to bring citizens back into the fold if they reject their previously held extreme views?
  9. How do we work with Muslim communities in the West to build robust and permanent counter extremism programs into our societies?
  10. Are we building the right kind of armies and intelligence platforms for future conflict? How would you balance things differently?

Now these are just some ideas to get you started. Feel free to contribute your own. Your question, or input, might even lead to an episode dedicated to that issue.

John W. Little

John W. Little

John W. Little is the creator of Blogs of War and the host of the Covert Contact national security podcast.

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