Covert Contact Podcast Update

Inside the Covert Contact Studio

Inside the Covert Contact Studio

I’ve been hard at work on the podcast and it is going to be the focus of my efforts for the foreseeable future. Guests are already being booked for January and I’m excited about the lineup.

Much of the work is occurring behind the scenes. Over the past two weeks I have completely overhauled the way I record and edit the shows. I have purchased a professional quality mic and processing unit which, along with some software changes, should reduce my episode editing time from hours to minutes. I could reduce that time to almost zero if quality wasn’t important to me – but it is.

There have been changes on the Covert Contact blog as well. The About page has been updated. There is more information about how you can support the show, and a growing list of places where you can find episodes. The show was most recently added to the Tunein network which also means that you can now ask devices like the Amazon Echo to “Play the Covert Contact Podcast” – and it will. Like other podcasters, I am eagerly awaiting the rollout of podcasts in Google Play Music. Covert Contact has been accepted by Google and should be there at launch.

Don’t forget that you can get involved in the show. You can call the Covert Contact voicemail line at any time to record a question or statement that might make its way into a future episode.


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