Ubuntu, Leopard, and Occasionally Windows

screen capture Ubuntu, Leopard, and Occasionally Windows

Linux has been my primary OS for several years now. I haven’t run a version of Windows at home in over five years. I did continue to use Windows at work but only because no other options were offered. However, work is becoming increasingly Mac-friendly (thank you Vista) so I’ve recently been able to ditch Windows as a primary OS. These days I’m able to run Windows in Parallels on a MacBook Pro (screenshot above) and 24″ iMac – and then only when needed (which isn’t often). My computing time is significantly more productive with Apple hardware and software in the office.

Ubuntu is still my primary OS at home. I don’t expect that to change. Switching between Leopard and Ubuntu 8.04 feels virtually seamless to me. I’m generally happy and productive as long as I’m on some flavor of Unix but open source variants will always have the edge.