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@BlogsOfWarIntel is the second in a series (@BlogsOfWarTech was the first) of specialized feeds that I am rolling out this week.

Unlike my primary account @BlogsOfWar these specialized feeds will be almost entirely automated by my library of RSS feeds. However, I will closely supervise them and tweak the source material as needed. If you’d like to suggest a blog, journal, or news site as a potential source just drop me a line.

A wider array of news and my commentary can be still be found on @BlogsOfWar. Nothing is changing there.

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Natalie Sambhi: Security and Defence Accounts in Australia (and the Asia Pacific) You Should be Following on Twitter

 Natalie Sambhi: Security and Defence Accounts in Australia (and the Asia Pacific) You Should be Following on Twitter

Natalie Sambhi

Natalie Sambhi is an analyst at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) and editor of ASPI’s blog The Strategist. Natalie’s research interests include Indonesia and Southeast Asian security. She has previously worked at Department of Defence as an analyst. In 2010, she founded Security Scholar, a blog on security and defence issues. You can follow Natalie on Twitter at @SecurityScholar.

There’s a vibrant Twitter community in Australia with a strong interest in security, intelligence and defence issues in the Asia Pacific. If you’re interested in an Australian perspective, here’s a list of recommended tweeters (individual and institutional accounts) you might like to follow.

Most tweets will cover Australia’s alliance with the US; the 2013 Defence White Paper; the US rebalance to the Asia Pacific; ethnic violence; military exercises; the rise of China, India and Indonesia; the Korean peninsula; maritime security; intelligence; the South China Sea and more. But what these Tweeters have all got in common is some experience in understanding and analysing defence and security issues whether as military officers, researchers, journalists or photographers, and think tank analysts. As many have written extensively about security issues, I encourage you to explore their research and blogs as well.

You can also follow discussion on Australian defence matters via the hashtag #ausdef. For a regional view of our security issues, I’ve included some worthwhile accounts from Southeast Asia as well.

Like all Twitter lists, this is only a starting point and any additions are most welcome.

@AsiaPacSecurity | Joanne Wallis
Lecturer & Convener, Bachelor of Asia-Pacific Security, Strategic & Defence Studies Centre, ANU. Tweets on South Pacific politics and security. Canberra, Australia.

@AlbertPalazzo | Albert Palazzo
Senior Research Fellow @lwscaustralia I’ve published widely on the #Australian #Army and contemporary #military and #ausdef issues. My views are my own. Canberra

@Andrew_Zammit | Andrew Zammit
Research Fellow at the Global Terrorism Research Centre (Monash) and an Editor at Australian Policy Online (Swinburne). Opinions my own, RTs not endorsement. Blogs at The Murphy Raid. Melbourne.

@Andrew_D_ASPI | Andrew J. Davies
Senior Analyst Defence capability.

@APDC_AirPower | Air Power Dev Centre
Air Power Development Centre, Royal Australian Air Force, Canberra, Australia.

Australian Defence In a Global Context. APDR is the longest standing defence publication in Australia now in its 39th year. Australia.

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute is an independent, non-partisan think tank on Australia’s defence and strategic policy. Canberra, Australia.

@captainbrown | James Brown
Military Fellow at the Lowy Institute for International Policy in Sydney, Australia. Formerly Australian Army officer. Sydney.

@eamonhamilton | Eamon Hamilton
Personal profile, and all views contained are my own. I have a Rubber-Band Powered Blog. Sydney, Australia.

@HodgeMark | Mark Hodge
CEO of DMTC Ltd., defence technology contractor & capability development partner. Views are my own. Retweets are for discussion & debate only. Melbourne, Australia.

@jasminchill | Jasmin C. Hill
Skydiver, rock-climber, scubadiver, nuclear aficionado, general all-round dare-devil & former child television star. My comments are my own. Retweet is not Endorsement. Australia.

@Jim_Molan | Jim Molan
Author, defence and security commentator, consultant, company director, retired army officer.

@KokodaFDN | Kokoda Foundation
Official Twitter account of the Kokoda Foundation. Re-tweets and links are not endorsements of the content.

@KZiesing | Katherine Ziesing
Australian Defence Magazine.

@lwscaustralia | Land Warfare Studies Centre
LWSC is a #future focused #thinktank, exploring land #combat and #Australia’s strategic environment. FF/RT/F does not = endorsement. #ausdef #natsec. Canberra, ACT, Australia.

@newmandala | New Mandala
New Mandala is based at the Australian National University’s College of Asia and the Pacific. Online since June 2006.

@PD_SDSC | Peter Dean
Director of Studies at the Strategic & Defence Studies Centre- ANU, Lecturer at the Australian Command & Staff College & Editor of Security Challenges Journal. Canberra, ACT Australia.

@RobAyson | Robert Ayson
Asia-Pacific security, global strategic issues and NZ defence/foreign policy; perenially hopeful Tottenham, Brewers & Essendon fan. Bio. Wellington New Zealand.

@Rory_Medcalf | Rory Medcalf
Watching geopolitics in Indo-Pacific Asia. Lowy Institute Program Director, Australia India Institute Associate Director, Brookings Nonresident Senior Fellow. Sydney.

@SeaPowerCentre | Sea Power Centre
Sea Power Centre – Australia is the Navy’s think tank. It’s staff conduct research into sea power, maritime strategy and naval history. Canberra, Australia.

@TheBaseLeg | Mike Yeo
Published military aviation photographer. Melbourne-based Singaporean. Website has my photos & I blog/tweet mainly about Asia-Pacific military aviation news. Melbourne, Australia.

Other Interesting Twitter Accounts in the Region

@CSISIndonesia | CSIS Indonesia
Think, Learn, Share Knowledge. CSIS Indonesia. Jakarta, Indonesia.

@DrTimHuxley | Tim Huxley
Student and observer of Asian societies, politics and international relations; philatelist; aviation enthusiast; dad. Singapore.

@DzirhanDefence | Dzirhan Mahadzir
Defence journalist, Malaysia correspondent-Janes Defence Weekly former guest lecturer on military history and strategy, Malaysian Armed Forces Defence College. Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

@indomiliter | Indomiliter (In Indonesian)
Akun resmi http://Indomiliter.com – Ajang silaturahmi para pemerhati dan penikmat dunia militer Indonesia. Indonesia.

@ISIS_MY | ISIS Malaysia
Malaysia’s premier, autonomous and non-profit think-tank established in 1983 for objective, independent, and strategic policy research. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

@marhalimabas | Marhalim Abas
Owner of http://www.malaysiandefence.com. Reporting defence and national security issues since 1994, Shah Alam, Malaysia.

The Former CIA Officers, Analysts, and Intelligence Professionals Who You Should Be Following on Twitter

Following spies on Twitter can be a dicey proposition. For every legitimate account there are hundreds, if not thousands, of imposters. Many of the fakes are obvious but others are expertly crafted and potentially up to no good. And then there are those who go to great lengths to obscure their affiliation while still producing quality content on the subject. That is why I generally take Twitter bios with a grain of salt and focus on the quality of the content (and apparent intent) instead.

The people and organizations listed here to not represent a complete inventory of experts on the topic. I follow, and regularly communicate with, many people who more than worthy of inclusion. However, in this case I’ve narrowed the scope to primarily include people who openly declare their professional backgrounds. There are many more highly informed, but discreet, people worth following. This list just represents a good starting point for those interested in the work of the agency or intelligence matters in general.

@nadabakos | Nada Bakos
Former CIA analyst on team charged with Iraq-AQ-9/11 & Zarqawi. Now: the horizon and @ManhuntDoc

@GaryBerntsen | Gary Berntsen
Former CIA Officer, Author of JawBreaker and The Walk-In, Father, Husband, #NatSec #Counterterrorism Expert, Patriot, @ConcernedVets Reg Director

@quartusoptio | Theodore W. Weaver
Ted is a former Intelligence Officer within the CIA’s National Clandestine Service and the Directorate of Science and Technology. – Blogs of War Contributor

@haplesspursuer | Sean P. Sullivan
Sean P. Sullivan has over 15 years of Federal and Military experience in the US Navy and within the CIA’s Special Activities Division of the National Clandestine Service. Mr. Sullivan is now an intelligence, security, and surveillance systems consultant. – Blogs of War Contributor

@TaraMaller | Tara Maller
@NewAmerica Research Fellow & former intel analyst tweeting on foreign affairs, intel & whatever else captures my imagination. @MIT Ph.D. & @Dartmouth grad. – Blogs of War Contributor

@AkiPeritz | Aki Peritz
Third Way Sr. Nat’l Security Policy Advisor. Cowrote Find-Fix-Finish: US v #alQaeda after 9/11

@LindsayMoran | Lindsay Moran
Former CIA officer, author, consultant, mom.

@CIAspygirl | Emily Brandwin
Spent years working in the CIA as a disguise officer and as an operations officer, AKA – spy. Now I focus on writing, comedy, Broadway and keeping secrets.

There are many other experts with excellent perspectives on Intelligence. I’ve listed some of my favorites below. The focus here is on national security and intelligence professionals or organizations rather than outside observers, journalists, and academics. There are many informed commentators with excellent viewpoints that aren’t listed here but these Twitter accounts serve up great content on a regular basis:

@mrossletters | Michael Ross
Former Mossad officer. Served in NE, Africa and Asia for 11 years, and the Mossad’s CT liaison officer to the CIA/FBI for 2.5 years. Author of The Volunteer – Blogs of War Contributor

@FranTownsend | Frances Townsend
Former Homeland and Counterterrorism Security advisor to President Bush: 2003-2008 CNN National Security Analyst: 2008-present

@20committee | John Schindler
Professor, Naval War College; Chair, PfP Combating Terrorism Working Group; Senior Fellow, Boston University; former NSA & NAVSECGRU – talking intel & security

@thedesertgate | The Desert Gate
Geography/GEOINT, Caucasus, Language, Culture, Geostrategy, Maps, Pipelines, Political Economy, Crime, Caffeine, and Hate.

@IngloriusAmatrs | Inglorious Amateurs
Inglorious Amateurs was created by former Intelligence Officers of the CIA to give readers a timely and informed look at Intelligence and related matters.

@AllThingsHLS | David Gomez
Opinion & commentary on CT, DOMTERR, NatSec & HLSec. Retired FBI ASAC, former FBI Profiler, former LAPD Detective. NPS/CHDS grad. Now just a retired Sheepdog.

@JCZarate1 | Juan Zarate
Juan Zarate, former Bush nat’l security advisor, is CBS News’ senior nat’l security analyst & CSIS scholar. Series Flash Points airs weekly on CBSNews.com.

@CustosDivini | Kalashnikitty
News #OSINT my unsolicited opinion: #CBRNE & #WMD; arms & weapons proliferation trafficking & acquisitions; Game Theory; To whom much is given much is expected.

@Levitt_Matt | Matthew Levitt
Matthew Levitt is a senior fellow and director of The Washington Institute’s Stein Program on Counterterrorism and Intelligence. From 2005 to early 2007, he served as deputy assistant secretary for intelligence and analysis at the U.S. Department of the Treasury. In that capacity, he served both as a senior official within the department’s terrorism and financial intelligence branch and as deputy chief of the Office of Intelligence and Analysis.

@geointer | USGIF CEO
USGIF CEO / Non-Profit Exec / GEOINT Advocate / ISR Futurist / Husband / Father / Former DoD & IC Sr Exec / Former Army Officer (Not in that order)

@ODNIgov | Office of the DNI
DNI James Clapper oversees the U.S. Intelligence Community and serves as principal adviser to the President on intelligence issues related to national security.

@ODNI_NIC | National Intelligence Council
Welcome to the National Intelligence Council’s Twitter! The NIC reports to the Director of National Intelligence.

@NGA_GEOINT | National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
The NGA provides imagery, map-based intelligence and geospatial information in support of the nation’s military forces, national policy makers and civil users.

@HouseIntelComm | House Intelligence Committee
The primary committee in the U.S. House of Representatives charged with the oversight of the United States Intelligence Community.

@RepMikeRogers | Rep. Mike Rogers (MI-08)
Representative for Michigan’s Eighth Congressional District, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Army Veteran, Former FBI Agent.

Again, this list is just a starting point. If you feel like you should be on this list, or on my radar, fill out my source suggestion form or drop me a line here or on Twitter. I am very discreet but please do not overshare and definitely do not disclose someone else’s affiliation unless you have their express permission to do so. This post highlights accounts which are already public and will not be used to “out” someone as an intelligence professional.