Blogs of War Chrome Extension Updated

I’ve made a ton of changes over the last couple of days. The extension has been updated to pull national security news from dozens of my favorite sources. The list of U.S. government feeds in the mix has grown as well with multiple feeds from the Department of Defense, State Department, CIA and NSA added to the mix. The look and feel has been modified as well with each story being displayed on it’s own card composed of the headline and a brief summary.

The number of stories available in the extension has been boosted as well. It now pulls in the 50 most recent updates from these sources making it a pretty useful tool for a quick scan of the stories that matter.

Please rate it and drop a review on the Chrome Web Store to let me know what you think. Click on the install button below to add it to your browser.

2013 08 15 01.44.47 pm Blogs of War Chrome Extension Updated

Soldier “Beheaded” in Woolwich (South East London) by Two Attackers: Video of Alleged Attacker

ITV is having YouTube versions pulled for copyright reasons. You can view it on their site here.

The story is still developing but there is already a furious online debate about the media’s characterization of the attackers in the opening minutes of this event. There are also charges of racism, actual racism, and the usual debates over immigration and the definition of terrorism. Expect the gun control debate to start at any minute – No, wait. It started immediately.

It’s all sort of exhausting really.

Somehow though, somebody had the guts to stand there and point a camera at an angry man drenched in blood and wielding a very large knife. Is this heroic or stupidity of the highest order (or perhaps something else)? I’m not sure really. Still, it is immensely helpful in understanding what happened and perhaps, to some extent, why. Call this attack whatever you like. I think it speaks for itself.

I’ll continue to update on Twitter.

The Pursuit of the Boston Marathon Bombing Suspects – As it Unfolded on Twitter

The archive is currently offline but you can view most of my tweets covering the MIT shooting, car jacking, and chase here. Scroll down to start at the beginning. Follow @BlogsOfWar for live updates about this case.