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tunes4thetoops Tunes 4 the Troops

CNN is highlighting the amazing work of Kaylee Radzyminski:

At 14, while attending the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet camp in Florida, Kaylee Marie Radzyminski asked one question to troops returning from overseas military service. Their simple answer spurred the small-town teen into action.

Kaylee Marie Radzyminski, center in black shirt, spends her Saturdays sorting CDs and DVDs for troops overseas.

“I asked, ‘What was the number one thing they missed?’ ” recalls Radzyminski. “The first thing was, of course, their families. But second to that was entertainment.”

They described limited access to Internet and satellite service, with some soldiers sharing just a few DVDs or CDs with an entire unit. So Radzyminski returned home and gathered her CDs and DVDs to send to the troops.

What started as an individual project at home is now 16-year-old Radzyminski’s nationwide nonprofit, Tunes 4 the Troops. Since 2005, she and volunteers have organized the collection and delivery of more than 200,000 CDs and DVDs to deployed service members around the world.

“My mission is not about supporting or opposing the war, it’s about supporting the troops,” says Radzyminski, whose own family has a military background. “They sacrifice so much for us, why can’t I do a little bit to give back to them?”

Here’s how you can get involved:

1. Send your new and used CDs and DVDs
To: Tunes 4 the Troops P.O. Box 2008 Cleveland TN 37320

2. Send a check.
You can send a check to help out with shipping costs to
Tunes 4 the Troops P.O. Box 2008 Cleveland TN 37320.
The checks can be made out to
Cleveland High School – Attn: Tunes 4 the Troops.

3. Become a satellite location.
If you commit to become a satellite location you are committing to
collect at least 100-150 or more CDs and DVDs. I will send you a kit. A kit
consists of stickers to stick on the CDs and DVDs, return address labels,
and a form to fill out and mail back to me for my records. You put a
sticker on each CD and box them up. You pay for the shipping of the box overseas this way shipping only has to be paid once. (media mail is the cheapest!) If you know someone in your area that is overseas and would like to send a box to them, you are more than welcome. Although if you don’t, please let me know with an email and I will send you one.

Blogging the Invasion of Iraq – The First 24 Hours

bowday1 Blogging the Invasion of Iraq   The First 24 Hours

Parts of the older Blogs of War archives have been offline for over a year. This weekend I started republishing material from the earliest days of the war.

Thousands of updates were posted in the initial weeks of the war. The online mainstream media was still moving at a snail’s pace in those days and Twitter didn’t exist. The constant stream of updates earned Blogs of War global media attention. Here are the first 24 hours:

The War: Hour 1
The War: Hour 2
The War: Hour 3
The War: Hour 4
The War: Hour 5
The War: Hour 6
The War: Hour 7
The War: Hour 8
The War: Hour 9
The War: Hour 13
The War: Hour 14
The War: Hour 16
The War: Hour 17
The War: Hour 18
The War: Hour 19
The War: Hour 22
The War: Hour 23
The War: Hour 24

The War: Hour 15

10:00am CST
Rick Leventhal interviewed a Marine and mentioned that they were under order to be ready to roll in 15 minutes. The Marine replied “Marines are always ready to roll”. Iraqi troops near the border are being engaged by ground forces and helicopter gunships. From the sound of it we are giving them hell and taking little or nothing from them in return. – Fox News broadcast

10:05am CST
Donald Rumsfeld is briefing reporters at the Pentagon. “The days of the Saddam Hussein regime are numbered”. “To the Iraqi people let me say that the day of your liberation will soon be at hand.”

10:18am CST

Now that was really unexpected. When the sirens went on we thought we will get bombs by the tom load dropped on us but nothing happened, at least in the part of the city where I lived. Air-craft guns could be heard for a while but they stopped too after a while and then the all clear siren came.

Today in the morning I went with my father for a ride around Baghdad and there was nothing different from yesterday. There is no curfew and cars can be seen speeding to places here and there. Shops are closed. Only some bakeries are open and of course the Ba’ath Party Centers. There are more Ba’ath people in the streets and they have more weapons. No army in the streets. We obviously still have electricity, phones are still working and we got to phone calls from abroad so the international lines are still working. water is still running.

- Where is Raed? (Iraqi Blogger)

10:23am CST
More oil field fires reported in Southern Iraq. First reported as 2 now 3 or 4. – Sky News broadcast

10:27am CST
“There is considerable belief in this government that they may, in fact, have gotten Saddam.” – Drudge Report

10:32am CST
Coalition forces moving into Iraq and heading for a “specific target” – Sky News broadcast

10:54am CST
Reporters in Kuwait ordered into bunkers due to expected “barrage of missles” – MSNBC broadcast

10:56am CST
MSNBC sums up the events of the last 15 hours pretty well in this article