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bowmainsm Blogs of War Twitter FeedsFollow @BlogsOfWar for breaking news, insights on global conflict, intelligence matters, a broad look at US national security issues, technology (especially as it relates to intelligence and conflict) and regular commentary.

Specialized Feeds
The following feeds are almost entirely automated, high-volume and experimental. I do actively monitor these and adjust the source feeds on a regular basis. Please feel free to let me know of any feeds that you think might be relevant.

bowtech Blogs of War Twitter Feeds @BlogsOfWarTech is all about Infosec, hacking (Wikileaks & Anonymous especially), hactivism, crypto, and social media with a little consumer tech thrown in.

bowsyriasm Blogs of War Twitter Feeds@BlogsOfWarSyria is focused on the conflict in Syria and related issues (think Hezbollah, chemical weapons, weapons proliferation, FSA Aid, no fly zones, etc) in Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, and Iran.

blogsofwarintelsm Blogs of War Twitter Feeds@BlogsOfWarIntel is tracking spies and intelligence issues around the clock. HUMINT, SIGINT, SOCMINT, GEOINT, MASINT and OSINT feeds (along with a lot of general media feeds) drive it.

bowasiasm Blogs of War Twitter Feeds@BlogsOfWarAsia tracks many Asian media sources from China, Japan, Thailand, Myanmar, Singapore, Hong Kong, India. US, UK and Australian sources are feeding this account as well as many blogs about the region.

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