John Little has been breaking and explaining critical national security, intelligence, and technology stories since 2002. Blogs of War cuts through the hype and political spin to showcase experts in their fields and to connect people to quality reporting about important world events.

A Little History

I started Blogs of War in 2002 to chronicle the rapidly evolving War on Terror and gained widespread attention for beating the mainstream media to the story (more than once) during the 2003 invasion of Iraq. That coverage can be found in the Library of Congress Iraq War 2003 Archive. Topics of interest include intelligence, technology (battlefield and infosec), national security politics, and counterterrorism.

While I do not actively seek the spotlight Blogs of War and some of my other projects have been covered by major media around the globe – CNN, Time, The Weekly Standard, Information Week, Slate, The New York Times, and many others. Some of them even say nice things:

  • “Blogs of War” and other sites sometimes beat traditional sources with the latest war news. – CNN
  • “…pulls from hundreds of political, security and intelligence sources to find and tweet the nuggets its followers don’t necessarily know they need to know.” – TIME
  • “Blogsofwar’s Egypt Twitter aggregator is also a must-read, especially for those who can understand Arabic.” – Fast Company

Along the way, Blogs of War has been mentioned in a few books. It’s also been included in countless data mining and media research projects, historical archives, and college courses. These things are all nice but I’m most proud of the quality of my core audience. You’re the reason I keep doing this year after year.

Starting in late 2014 a podcast was added to the mix. Covert Contact features national security, intelligence, and tech commentary from John and many others. You can subscribe via iTunes or RSS and, via the Covert Contact voicemail line, add your voice to the show.

I don’t usually enjoy being the subject of an interview but, if you want even more background, Francesca Recchia interviewed me for and got quite a bit out of me.  For around the clock updates you can follow @blogsofwar on Twitter.