I’ve been at this for over a decade and manage quite an array of sources. Major media, large stable governments, prominent analysts, and think tanks are generally consistent producers but social media channels, blogs, and smaller or reclusive countries can be difficult to manage. These sources are harder to find and even harder to keep. I generally have some for even the most difficult targets but I am always looking for more and I know Blogs of War readers can point me in the right direction. So if you produce relevant open-source English language content for the topics listed below, or if you can point me in the direction of someone who does, please send me a note. Your input will help improve the quality and volume of my updates.

  • North Korea – Any material
  • Iran – Military and intelligence matters
  • France – Intelligence matters, military intervention in Africa
  • Jordan – Impact of the Syrian refugee crisis and internal threats
  • Saudi Arabia – Political and social reform
  • Russia – Military growth, Intelligence, energy sector, activity in Eastern Europe
  • China – Military technology, naval force movements, and various areas of tension in the region
  • Hezbollah – Any material
  • Libya – Political reform and weapons proliferation
  • Syria – Sources on the ground
  • Egypt – Internal conflict from all angles
  • South Sudan – Internal conflict
  • Weapons Trafficking & Proliferation – All regions
  • Conflict Related Humanitarian Crises – Sources on the ground in any region
  • Tech and Politics/Crisis – Tools or communities arising in response to world events

I know that these many of these topics are quite sensitive. This is the nature of what I cover here. So let me reiterate that I am only asking for leads on open-source material that I can share with my readers. Also, if your favorite topic or place is not listed please don’t assume that I’m not paying attention. It probably means that I have adequate sources at this time.

* Of course my needs extend well beyond the list above. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time if you have tip for a source or a story.