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@BlogsOfWarIntel is the second in a series (@BlogsOfWarTech was the first) of specialized feeds that I am rolling out this week.

Unlike my primary account @BlogsOfWar these specialized feeds will be almost entirely automated by my library of RSS feeds. However, I will closely supervise them and tweak the source material as needed. If you’d like to suggest a blog, journal, or news site as a potential source just drop me a line.

A wider array of news and my commentary can be still be found on @BlogsOfWar. Nothing is changing there.

New feeds are being added. You can track the complete list via the Twitter button in the menu.


  1. Robert

    I’ve been running a poll “What should happen to NSA leaker Edward Snowden” on the OSINT News blog. Roughly 54% say he’s a hero, 37% want him imprisoned, and the rest don’t care either way. I wrote an article on the Snowden affair, and added a slight bit of humor against a solemn background. I don’t believe he should be “taken out”, like many believe…save that for the al Qaeda leadership.

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