The woman reported to be Edward Snowden’s girlfriend (at least one of them anyway) has a pretty massive (and scantily clothed) digital footprint that raises more questions than it answers – even for her:

2013 06 11 08.07.40 am Lindsay Mills: Reportedly the Blogging, Instagraming, Pinteresting, Flickering, YouTubing and Tweeting Girlfriend of Edward Snowden

I guess “E” (her ‘man of mystery’) never told her what he did at work?

Anyway, a lot of people are bashing her for being a bit weird. I’ll be more charitable and call her, um, “artsy”. There is also obvious suspicion about her role in all of this. Keep in mind that she may be a victim and not a co-conspirator. Authorities will question her intensely. The public doesn’t need to point fingers and there’s no real evidence to suggest that they should. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t examine her public communications because, after all, that’s why she put them there isn’t it?

The Borderline NSFW Lineup (While it’s still up)
Blog (Possibly deleted as this post was being written)
Instagram (private)

Taken out of context Lindsay’s online activity is pretty typical of a lot of young creative women. She’s attractive, talented, and seemingly intelligent if a little bit weird, I mean artsy. But context matters, a lot, and in this case it adds yet another layer of weirdness to an already bizarre story. Why is the digital footprint of Edward Snowden’s girlfriend so large and so revealing?

One obvious possibility is that she was left in the dark by Snowden. He may not have shared his knowledge of PRISM (and other work activities) with her. He may not have told her that she was vulnerable. He may not have cared very much about the girl and the mess he was about to leave behind. This would not be unusual behavior for a spy but it would be unusual behavior for a principled whistleblower in love with a beautiful young woman.

There are other possibilites and investigators will explore them all.

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