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  1. edie pauly

    I feel sorry for all these young, idealistic people who are drawn into something they cannot control. There are only three reasons for war – greed, religion, and megalomaniacs.

    Young people need to ask three questions .

    Who profits?

    Isn’t there only one God regardless of how you worship?

    Why should I give you the power to decide what I should do?

    War is a game played by old people and the only ones who profit are those with a monetary gain or personal identification as being smarter or more entitled than those they use to further their own ends. These people do not care what the cost is to those who suffer the heartbreak or physical debilitation due to injuries caused by wars, The main losers in any war is not the combatants but those noncombatants left behind to suffer the agonizing pain of being wounded or of losing a loved one.

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