ccsandyrec Hurricane Sandy   Damage Assessment and Recovery Live Streams

Sandy lived up to the hype and extensive rescue and recovery operations are underway this morning. I have updated the Hurricane Sandy Monitor to reflect this and to better track the relief effort. The monitor now tracks:

  • Hurricane Sandy – Any mention of the storm.
  • Power Issues – Around 7 million people are without electricity this morning and may be so for many days.
  • Disaster Relief – Discussions about the relief effort.
  • Donations Needed – Calls for assistance and support.
  • Casualties – Deaths and injuries related to the storm.
  • Damage – Any discussions about flooded areas, fires, etc.
  • Videos/Photos – Media related to the storm.

You can launch the monitor from the Covert Contact demo site by clicking on the big green button below:

start button Hurricane Sandy   Damage Assessment and Recovery Live Streams

Subscriptions to Covert Contact’s array of over 140 topic monitors and 400 live social media streams are available for only $10 per month.


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