bang head here FBI Heads to Benghazi   With a US Military EscortKevin Baron has the details on The E-Ring:

More than three weeks after the death of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens, the U.S. military on Thursday airlifted a team of investigators from the Federal Bureau of Investigation for a short mission to the destroyed U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi.

“At the request of the FBI, the department provided logistic and security support to the investigation team in order to conduct work onsite in Benghazi. DOD personnel completed that support earlier today and have departed Benghazi, along with the investigation team,” said Pentagon press secretary George Little, in a press briefing.

Is there any real benefit in putting a team in there this late in the game? They might be able to secure some documents or property but I am sure that the site has been picked over by this point. And after three weeks the crime scene has been compromised into irrelevance. No, this is a purely political decision. Having reporters shuffling around the “unreachable” site and posting sensitive documents online seems to have forced someone’s hand. Officials deny this, of course, but it is really difficult to see it any other way.

They came, they saw, they left right away.


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