ccssissacwide Live Streams Tracking Hurricane Issac

I’ve built out several Hurricane Issac monitors for Covert Contact subscribers. 4 different monitors, with 3 to 7 live streams each, are tracking this storm as it approaches New Orleans. Topics monitored include:

  • Any mentions of Hurricane Issac
  • Mentions of New Orleans
  • Discussions about flooding in New Orleans
  • Discussions about injuries and deaths in New Orleans
  • Hurricane Warnings
  • Discussions about Hurricane Issac’s storm surge
  • Discussions about Hurricane Issac’s winds
  • Hurricane Issac damage discussions
  • Mentions of deaths or injuries related to Hurricane Issac
  • Mentions of the National Hurricane Center
  • and more…

Of course, Covert Contact tracks over 100 other topics with over 400 live streams covering everything from Afghanistan and Syrian weapons of mass destruction to the Curiosity rover on Mars.

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