Those of you who used to use the Blogs of War ThreatStream before it became Covert Contact will be please to hear that pricing and plan changes have made it super affordable.

I was able to streamline much of the production and account maintenance processes and requests are coming in for custom monitors. This means that I am able to restructure the subscription system and slash prices. So starting this week the three-tiered plan system is gone. All subscribers now have Covert Contact Pro level features and the price, which was $99 a month, has been slashed to only $10 per month. That is an amazingly low price for over 350 international relations, political, and national security live streams. I’m constantly fine tuning the streams and adding more as news breaks. To keep up with developments follow Covert Contact on Twitter or the Covert Contact blog.

This is an exciting change and not one that I thought I would be able to make so quickly. This gets Covert Contact as close to being “free” as possible and hopefully back into the hands of many observers. I hope you will give it a look and subscribe.

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