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Covert Contact Live Stream – Mass Shooting at Denver Screening of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

ccdemo Covert Contact Live Stream   Mass Shooting at Denver Screening of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

Covert Contact won’t be ready for launch for a few more days but I’ve modified and released this demo live stream so people can monitor the mass shooting that occurred at the midnight showing of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises near Denver, Colorado.

Covert Contact – Real-Time Social Media Intelligence

As promised I’ve been working to make the ThreatStreams available again. Many of you have spoken and you clearly do not want to see this service disappear. The good news is that a few interesting things are happening that should allow me to bring the monitors back while offering several additional services and improvements.

The entire ThreatStream project is spinning off into it’s own entity called Covert Contact. This new framework will offer a more robust set of tools and support via three affordable levels of service to subscribers. The entire ThreatStream code base is being re-developed to support this.

Even the most basic Covert Contact plan will offer coverage of dozens of countries and topics with more advanced (although still very affordable) plans offering a deeper dive into issues and more advanced support. I’ve heard from everyone from students, to journalists, to intelligence professionals and the new plans were constructed (and priced) with those kinds of needs in mind. Covert Contact will offer the features intelligence, military, and government professionals value while still being accessible to students and individuals on a budget.

Organizations have also contacted me with requests for custom or self-hosted monitors. Covert Contact will offer a fast, easy, and very affordable mechanism for making this happen – especially during breaking events. Details and pricing will be available when Covert Contact launches – hopefully in about one week. Until then, follow Covert Contact on Twitter or drop me a note if you have additional questions.

Here’s a sneak peek at the new site as it’s under development:

covertcontactss1 Covert Contact   Real Time Social Media Intelligence

Thank you for your continued patience and support!