mbts Mohamed Morsi Declared Winner in Egypt   Live Streaming Muslim Brotherhood and Egyptian Presidential Race Tweets

It is a step forward in the revolution in the eyes of many Egyptians, even those uncomfortable with the Brotherhood, but the path forward remains unclear:

Mr. Morsi now becomes the first Islamist elected to be head of an Arab state. But his victory is an ambiguous milestone in Egypt’s promised transition to democracy after the ouster 16 months ago of President Hosni Mubarak.

After an election that international monitors called credible, the military-led government has recognized an electoral victory by an opponent of military rule over Mr. Shafik, who promised harmony with the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. But Mr. Morsi’s recognition as president does little to resolve the larger standoff between the generals and the Brotherhood over the balance of power over the institutions of government and the future constitution. Under the generals’ plan, Mr. Morsi, 60, will assume an office stripped of almost all authority under a military-issued interim constitution.

This collection of streams monitors any mention of the Muslim Brotherhood with streams specifically focused on Mohamed Morsi and the Brotherhood’s role in Egypt. You can see the full list of live streams here.

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