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Need to Know: May 23, 2012

Need to Know: May 22, 2012

  • RT @IDCsync Google to map movements of ships at sea including US Navy – Daily Mail (UK)
  • .@Packetknife illustrates your model for response – wargame it out a bit. (2/2)
  • .@Packetknife Ha. Not really. You had some interesting angles on it. Maybe you could lay out a specific scenario that (1/2)
  • .@mrossletters Amazing that Iran may master nuclear weaponry well before they achieve grade school Photoshop skills.
  • .@Packetknife Interesting attempt to work through the issues. Not sure clarity is possible – this stuff is inherently chaotic.
  • RT @Packetknife Patriot Hackers, Cyber Vigilantes, and Shot Placement
  • UN nuclear chief says Iran agrees to probe of suspected weapons work
  • Russian leader Putin names new Cabinet
  • The #Syria Paradox
  • Israel wary of expected IAEA – Iran deal
  • Algeria islamists brandish all their weapons to catch up with Arab Spring – Middle East Online
  • China’s 2nd Artillery in Transition
  • AdruPilot Mega 2.0: Your Affordable Autopilot Drone
  • MT @Packetknife On the air for "Patriot Hackers, Cyber Vigilantes, and Shot Placement" now at
  • Listening to @Packetknife Live at
  • .@StoneBrewingCo @brianfishman @beerandsoulblog No argument from me on that one.
  • Is Monday too early for a #Beer slideshow –
  • .@brianfishman @stonebrewingco @beerandsoulblog There's always a craft beer out there better than the one you just had. Just keep drinking.
  • .@TyrellMayfield @StoneBrewingCo I was supposed to try it on Friday but the weekend was a mess and just got to it today. It's good.
  • .@TyrellMayfield This seat -> – safe from flying medals and the scent of patchouli.
  • Watching the #NoNATO crowd running out of Grant Park. Starting another march –
  • This Cali-Belgique hybrid IPA from @StoneBrewingCo is outstanding. Highly recommended.
  • .@mrossletters Of course not. It would be Adonis Papadopulos. The Greek shipping tycoon with the odd Canadian accent.
  • .@mrossletters Of course not. It would be Adonis Papadopulos. The Greek shipping tycoon with the odd Canadian accent.
  • Better not catch you taking my secretary to lunch – MT @mrossletters HUMINT: lady in embassy gave keys to the kingdom b/c she loved her CO
  • RT @joshrogin The NATO non-enlargement summit
  • RT @IDCsync White House taps budget official to replace Howard Schmidt as president’s cybersecurity chief
  • More Military Spies via @ForeignAffairs
  • RT @natlsecuritycnn Supreme Court to hear case regarding #NSA foreign sureveillance program
  • PDF – RT @El_Grillo1 The Domestic Terrorist Threat: Background and Issues for Congress
  • The Blogs of War Watchlist is out! ? Top stories today via @andrew_ajamian @rei_tang
  • This march is smaller and the group is pretty shabby. From the looks of it Starbucks is missing a lot of baristas today.
  • So the Occupy people assembled for #NATO #Chicago2012 are marching on Boeing – Live video
  • #NATO #Chicago2012 video and tweet streams updated – Refresh if watching –

Need to Know: May 21, 2012