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Need to Know: May 31, 2012

Need to Know: May 30, 2012

  • How many civilian causalities would be directly caused by months long large-scale military intervention in Syria? Any guesses out there?
  • Checking out The Kabul Cable blog by @TyrellMayfield – You should too –
  • RT @DaveedGR My new piece at G&L: "Did Adam Gadahn Play a Significant Role in bin Laden's al Qaeda?"
  • MT @Max_Fisher China is allowing the first open discussions of the Great Leap Forward since it killed 30M people
  • RT @IDCsync Pentagon expected to ban .mil addresses from being used on commercial social media sites – GCN
  • RT @IDCsync Exclusive Pictures: Inside the Navy’s Newest Spy Sub
  • RT @W7VOA My latest report: RT @VOA_Seoul: Controversy Follows Comments on Military Operations in N. Korea –
  • Must watch – RT @frontlinepbs Inside an #AlQaeda controlled town in #Yemen #039;s radical heartland: @PBS
  • Agreed – RT @joshuafoust Ghaith Abdul-Ahad is the ballsiest journalist of all time. Just unreal reporting & risk-taking #frontline
  • RT @jeremyscahill #Frontline just posted the online roundtable/debate "Understanding Yemen’s Al Qaeda Threat"
  • No. Only unshared secrets are secret – RT @PacketknifeToo Are Your Secrets Safe In The Cloud?
  • .@WarfareCenter I don't think this looks awesome from any angle. Good as a case study in how these things can go wrong quickly though.
  • Lebanese join the Free Syrian Army’s struggle
  • Pentagon to Axe: You're Right:
  • HUMINT and Human Nature As a Paradigm for INFOSEC via @krypt3ia
  • cc: @mrossletters – RT @ibnezra One thing many Syrian activists told me: Lebanon is about to explode
  • .@OHenrysStepchld Agree – there are a whole range of options short of large scale military intervention.
  • 40 shootings this weekend alone? Somebody call Kofi Annan –
  • .@OHenrysStepchld Yes, it could get a lot worse. Like this for example
  • White House: U.S. military role in Syria would cause more chaos
  • MT @jon_jeckell Combined exercise with Russian Airborne Forces underway in Fort Carson, Colorado
  • Reads more like Jesse Jackson – RT @W7VOA Pentagon spokesman Little: "The general's comments were contorted, distorted & misreported." @daxe
  • .@WarfareCenter @AppFlyer That's part of the problem. Nobody is interested in clarifications or retractions once something like this hits
  • .@WarfareCenter Sympathetic to the difficulty inherent in trying to occupy space between public & secret – prob best not to go hypothetical
  • God help us if this is our plan – MT @jeffemanuel Syrian rebel leader: Assad's opposition will secure chemical weapons
  • .@firefroggy117 @AllThingsHLS @mrossletters I'm not sure which I find more annoying actually..
  • Thankful that I'm not an Iranian submariner –
  • Top of Drudge with "US special forces 'parachuted into North Korea'…" is not where we want to be you'd think.
  • .@WarfareCenter How about everyone just STFU for a change…

Need to Know: May 29, 2012