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  • .@handrewscwartz We could learn something from China's economic HUMINT collection – vast and shallow wins if you can aggregate
  • Its like catching a thief in the act and then helping him carry your TV to his car MT @handrewschwartz @BlogsofWar amazing what is stolen!
  • .@handrewschwartz China absorbs an amazing amount of IP through relationships, academic partnerships, etc. Amazing what we give away
  • RT @intelwire: Blasts hit two Nigerian newspaper offices
  • RT @BBCAfrica: Proceedings for the verdict in the #CharlesTaylor trial have now opened in The Hague.
  • RT @AJEnglish: US 'expands Yemen drone strikes policy'
  • The doritos shell taco… MT @jeffemanuel: "North Korea is armed with "powerful modern weapons" capable of defeating the United States"
  • Agree RT @mrossletters: @robertcaruso You're on fire today Robert. Applause
  • The Blogs of War Watchlist is out! ? Top stories today via @nkwitness @caidid @drfarls @pricefloyd