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Need to Know: December 26, 2011

  • – #shortwave stream edited again to filter out most marketing spam
  • @Dstorm91 Just edited it to filter out some of the spam – refresh.
  • #Shortwave & #HamRadio livestreams – @Dstorm91 @cwpseattle
  • @Dstorm91 Awesome…thanks!
  • @Dstorm91 Nice. What kind of radio?
  • @cwpseattle Yeah I'm going to rig up something next week – May have to shoot a wire trailing arrow over the roof of the building :)
  • @Dstorm91 Yeah it's fairly clear here – and I'm not running an external antenna.
  • @cwpseattle Longtime scanner listener – sometimes SW listener. I tend to live in places which make SW reception difficult but I try.
  • @cwpseattle They make some awesome gear…most of it is just a little out of my league.
  • @jwilliamsCDN 6045khz..drifting a bit
  • @cwpseattle
  • Santa brought a new SW receiver…listening to some old school propaganda via Radio Havana Cuba right now.
  • @SSGRJ Merry Christmas to you too!
  • Had an Beery Christmas this year – many many craft brews and beer glasses of all shapes under the tree. Might have to make that a tradition
  • The CyberWar Daily is out! ? Top stories today via @infosec
  • The Blogs of War Watchlist is out! ? Top stories today via @deptofdefense @brian_whit
  • @krypt3ia You need to get your hands on some coquito