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Tracking Hurricane Irene – Streaming Tweets, Weather Blogs, & More

Many Blogs of War readers and friends are in the potential path of this hurricane. Unfortunately, many of you are hurricane noobs as well. Having survived several I can assure you that large hurricanes eat noobs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Please heed all warnings and prepare while you can – definitely before noob panic buying sets in and strips store shelves of EVERYTHING. If you’ve ever gone weeks without power following a large hurricane (and I have) you know how unpleasant daily life can be. Here are a few resources to help you monitor Irene:

Hurricane Irene Crisis Monitor (live streaming tweets)
Streaming Video: Times Square, New York City
Dr. Jeff Masters’ Blog
Weather Underground (Models, Forecast Maps, and Imagery)
National Hurricane Center
New York Times Hurricane Tracker
Hurricane Irene Situation Page
@Blogsofwar Hurricane Irene List on Twitter
Hurricane Irene Media Coverage (Google News)
Red Cross Mobile Site

Again, please take evacuation advice seriously – especially those of you who may be experiencing a storm like this for the first time. People tend to focus on a hurricane’s wind speed but storm surge is the real killer. It is not to be messed with. Just take a look at what category 2 Hurricane Ike did to Crystal Beach a few years ago.

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