inspire4ff Largely Uninspring Inspire 4 Released

I’m not doing a page-by-page analysis but I’ll point you to three excellent posts:

Al Malahem’s Inspire 4: Crusades Rhetoric and Tactical Updates In A Feedback Loop by @crabbyolbastard


al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’s al-Malahem Media releases Inspire Magazine Issue #4 by @Azelin


Awlaki Breaks Silence In New Issue Of Inspire, Builds Links To History Of Jihad by @IntelWire

There are a few interesting things to note about this issue. First, the production quality has improved significantly. This is looking less like your office newsletter and more like a professionally produced print publication every day. This is especially interesting when contrasted with the extremely limited thinking evident in their discussions about “Open Source Jihad”. In short, the strategic masterminds behind some of this content have more experience making things look FABULOUS than they do killing people. I’m reminded of this for some reason:

Now, I’m not minimizing the long-term threat of their approach here. There is reason for concern. I just continue to think that they are, thankfully, executing poorly. Declaring man will set foot on the moon is a visionary idea. Looking for the best horse to take him there is poor execution of that idea. This is the current state of open source Jihad.

There is another significant development in this issue that others have touched on but that I don’t want to elaborate on here. I will say that I will not be surprised if, eventually, elements of this production team are discovered and authorities (or perhaps some independent ethical hackers) credit this issue with the breakthrough.

Download: Inspire 4 (PDF)

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