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Here is another highly recommended group pulled from my “Following” list. Like the last set of recommendations, this pool represents a diversity of opinions. If you want your worldview reinforced with every passing tweet (and a lot of people do) some of these folks are guaranteed to rub you the wrong way. Even so, they’re all quality feeds which are guaranteed to keep you informed and thinking.

Abuaardvark – Marc Lynch. Blogger at Foreign Policy. Marc is an associate professor of political science and international affairs at George Washington University, where he is the director of the Institute for Middle East Studies. He is also a non-resident senior fellow at the Center for a New American Security.

Abumuqawama – Andrew Exum. Abu Muqawama is a blog dedicated to following issues related to contemporary insurgencies as well as counterinsurgency tactics and strategy. Abu Muqawama aims to be a resource for students, counterinsurgents, academics, and the general public.

AfpakChannel – Katherine Tiedemann. Tweeting analysis of the news about all things AfPak from her perch at the New America Foundation and Foreign Policy.

Alert5 – Military news from around the world. Blogs at Alert5. Actively covering the J-20 story out of China.

AlexLobov – Alexander Lobov. Melburnian. Financial journalist. Blogger. Asian financial markets. Middle Eastern politics. Afghanistan & Pakistan. Good food & coffee.

Azelin – Aaron Y. Zelin. Research Assistant, Department of Politics, Brandeis University. Blogs at Jihadology.

BlakeHounshell – Blake Hounshell. Managing Editor of Foreign Policy magazine.

DianaWueger – Blogs about defense policy and military and intelligence issues at Gunpowder and Lead.

Don_Reuters – Don Pessin. Reuters TV news producer based out of Washington, D.C..

InkSptsGulliver – Ink Spots is a blog dedicated to the discussion of security issues across the spectrum of conflict & around the world. I’m a cog in the mil-industrial machine.

IntlJurist – The International Jurist is a blog offering perspectives and opinions on the current state of international law and its future.

IsdPodcast – Your daily source of Pwnage, Policy and Politics in the InfoSec community.

JimmySky – James Skylar Gerrond. Military Technology Assessment, Info Nerd, Foreign Policy, Counter Insurgency, Law Enforcement and novice Social Engineer.

JoshMull – Afghanistan Blogging Fellow for @bravenewfound/@firedoglake Project Coordinator at @SmallWorldNews Contributor to @EnduringAmerica and @Polizeros

Laurenist – if nothing else, always stand for equality and human rights (and misha collins). Blogs about “about international development, advocacy, and taking over the world” at Lauren(ist).

Max_Fisher – Max Fisher writes primarily about foreign affairs and national security. He previously produced the Atlantic’s Food Channel and has written for The New Republic and Conde Nast Traveler. Follow him on Twitter.

Noonanjo – John Noonan. Policy Advisor with @ForeignPolicyI, writer for The Weekly Standard, ICBM expat.

Ndubaz – Nicholas Dubaz. US Army Civil Affairs Officer. From New Orleans. Afghanistan vet. Interests: Conflict, development/aid, languages, classical music & travel.

Rory_Medcalf – Foreign affairs and security analyst, Asia specialist, India watcher, ex-diplomat, journalist, intelligence analyst. Program director at Lowy Institute, Sydney.

Starbuck_WOI – Crispin J. Burke. Blogs at Wings Over Iraq

Stavridisj – Admiral James Stavridis Supreme Allied Commander and Commander, US European Command.

SultanAlQassemi – Sultan Al Qassemi. Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi is a columnist for The National & Emarat Alyoum & founder of the @BarjeelArt Foundation. Tweets about the Arabian Gulf and blogs at Felix Arabia.

TheMoorNextDoor – Quid novi ex Africa? North Africa, foreign policy & American Muslim issues. Blogs at The Moor Next Door.

Weddady – Mauritanian activist, focused on civil rights in the Mideast and North Africa. Great updates on the situation in Tunisia. Blogs at Dekhnstan.

WhiteCanvasGrp – Creativity Unrestricted = innovation + technical acumen + academic scholarship.

Xrauscher_ – Xavier Rauscher. Passionate about international law, comparative law and international affairs. Blogger. Currently a legal intern at the Coalition for the ICC in The Hague.

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