The free culture movement and hacker ethos are full of both great and absolutely terrible ideas. As ideologies and subcultures go they’re sort of like the Libertarian Party. Everything lines up so well, makes so much sense, and then people go off the deep end. Wikileaks has definitely gone off deep end.

Wikileaks is an especially powerful concept that resonates with the especially naive but this project subverts democratic institutions, ignores the rule of law, and exposes heroic sources to imprisonment, torture, even death. If Americans want greater transparency, or other policy changes, they have democratic processes at their disposal. Creating that change, through those processes, is the only legitimate way for Wikileaks supporters and free culture types to achieve their goals.

Apply these tools to people who have no absolutely voice, no recourse, no hope and you might have a leg to stand on but no rational person can argue that U.S. citizens fit that profile. As it stands now these people are enemies of this state, enemies of legitimate freedom, and enemies of democracy.


  1. Jason Hammond

    Your thoughts on the Wikileaks are right on and to the point. By the way, your article submission form and contact form does not seem to be working on the site. Is there another way to submit an article or send you a military topic? Thanks for your time.

  2. Alice Kravitz

    Latest scuttlebutt is that WL now blacks out unnecessary details (names of minor players, etc.) and focuses on pertinent, useful info that’s gradually distributed to responsible journalists for review in a sensible way. Call it a learning curve.

    All in all, if WL is not allowed to expose the lies, who will? I don’t think you’re naive enough to think Washington doesn’t lie to us on a massive scale. (We sure could have used WL when GWB was talking smack about Iraqi yellowcake. Look how that turned out.)

    Governments do some REALLY awful things in my name, and I pay for every bit of it. I deserve to at least KNOW what they’re doing.

    The Shah of Iran comes to mind. That dirty trick turned out well, didn’t it? Speaking of dirty tricks, let me tell you about Richard Nixon when he claimed “Presidential Immunity” . . .

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