Gen. David H. Petraeus kicked it off with this post:

Here you will find news, commentary, and reflection on important events throughout the CENTCOM area of responsibility, from Egypt in the West to Pakistan in the East, and from Kazakhstan in the North to Yemen and the waters off Somalia to the South. Of course, we will also provide extensive coverage of our ongoing operations in Afghanistan and Iraq and the work of our troopers deployed overseas.

As CENTCOM Commander, I look forward to lending my thoughts and perspective to the discussion on events in this vital region. I also look forward to reading contributions from leaders in the field, subject matter experts, regional scholars, and troopers. If you are reading this, consider yourself a member of CENTCOM’s online family. This blog is for you, and we hope you will take a moment to join the conversation.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The blog is a good thing but it is very poorly integrated with It’s also kind of surprising that they chose to launch it nearly devoid of content. The initial post by the general was posted on the 16th and it’s the only content on the site. I would have suggested launching with a full range of categories and content (20-30 posts at least) to give people a feel for what the editorial team has to offer – and a reason to come back. The first impression here is – well, there isn’t one.

It would appear that they have the tools but the strategy is lacking. I hope more content is around the corner but my experience is that blogs that launch poorly tend to fade quickly.

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