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Join us for a live webcast featuring the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)

In September 2008, the federal government introduced secure social networking capabilities to the US intelligence community to share insights, debate, and communicate. Called “A-Space” (Analyst Space), the initiative’s goal — like intelligence analysis in general — is to protect the US by assessing all the information available across the Department of Defense’s spy agencies.

DIA Program Manager Ahmad Ishaq will discuss the impetus behind A-Space and social software across an organization specifically trained not to share information, how A-Space was launched, the successes to date, future plans, as well as share best practices that are applicable to any industry or private company. He’ll also share how this secure community has helped unify a community to take advantage of intelligence, ideas, and innovations across multiple, globally distributed agencies.

Learn how to:

  • Create low barriers to entry and improve adoption rates of Enterprise 2.0 initiatives
  • Enable a governance model that works in the new social collaboration paradigm
  • Align Enterprise 2.0 tools to speak the language of business
  • Study community patterns and don’t be afraid to restart pieces that fail

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