Is Obama’s Afghanistan Strategy Ripping Off America?
In political terms, then, Obama’s speech was a win. But in practical terms, his plan is not, because it won’t really secure Afghanistan — given our multiple bankruptcies, we can’t afford to. Can I offer a better way out? I can only offer a frightening array of potential counterparties to the proposed settlement, a group of regional powers Obama has, to date, studiously avoided referencing.

Salahis Breach Found on Facebook
During the hearing regarding the White House security breach, several members of the committee questioned Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan about the events leading up to, during and after the state dinner. When Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton took the floor she asked, ”How did you discover that the Salahis had entered? Did you discover it through their facebook, or was it your own discovery that some interlopers had entered?” Sullivan answered, “We did not discover that on our own, we were advised of it the following day.” “And advised by whom, sir?” continued Norton. “Uh, facebook,” stated Sullivan.

McAfee: U.S. Needs Clear Cyber War Doctrine
It is easy to blame North Korea or China for intrusions that seem to be launched from computers in those countries, but the location of a computer or network launching an attack says little about who is behind it.

To read tea leaves in Moscow, watch its treatment of Tehran
One thing is certain: Russia plays a key role in Iran, due to its military and industrial ties with Tehran. Relations between Russia and Iran are now increasingly strained.

ISAlliance Delivers Cyber Security Report
The landmark report, entitled Implementing the Obama Cyber Security Strategy via the ISA Social Contract Model, is the culmination of nearly one decade of ISAlliance advocacy for market incentive based security reforms, and echos their previous cautions against pursuing costly regulatory constraints.

Eric Prince says he’s walking away from the company former known as Blackwater
The founder of the security firm Xe, formerly known as Blackwater, Erik Prince, says he’s done with the company and is walking away. The Holland native says he was betrayed by the US government in Iraq. Prince says he was labeled as a mercenary, and that’s just not true.

The Blogfather and the Spy
The “secret witness” in Tehran’s show trials may be the man who started Iran’s blogging revolution.

Iranian Crackdown Goes Global
His first impulse was to dismiss the ominous email as a prank, says a young Iranian-American named Koosha. It warned the 29-year-old engineering student that his relatives in Tehran would be harmed if he didn’t stop criticizing Iran on Facebook. Two days later, his mom called. Security agents had arrested his father in his home in Tehran and threatened him by saying his son could no longer safely return to Iran.

US spy opposes Israel-Palestinian prisoner swap
An American convicted of spying for Israel is reportedly proposing that Israel kill Hamas prisoners rather than swap them for a captive Israeli soldier. The Jerusalem Post daily reports that Jonathan Pollard says Israel should kill one Hamas prisoner every day until the militant group frees Sgt. Gilad Schalit

CIA can expand using drones in Pakistan
The White House has authorized the CIA to expand the use of unmanned aerial drones in Pakistan to track down and strike suspected Taliban and Al-Qaeda members, the New York Times reported Friday.

Records of man claiming to be Calif. spy unsealed
A judge on Thursday lifted a seal on court records and transcripts that a Southern California man says will prove he was an informant for the FBI. Craig Monteilh claims he has not been fully paid by the FBI for spying on mosques — an activity that angered the Muslim community and brought accusations that worshippers and clerics were being targeted instead of possible terrorists.

NATO Pledges 7,000 More Troops for Afghanistan
Responding to American entreaties for more soldiers in Afghanistan, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the NATO secretary general, announced Friday that the alliance had agreed to contribute a further 7,000 “new forces” to the coalition there following Washington’s decision to commit some 30,000 American reinforcements.

Somalia graduation ceremony blast kills 23
The death toll rose to 23 on Friday in a suicide bombing attack at a Somali graduation ceremony, which killed three members of Somalia’s U.N.-backed interim government, according to an independent media report. The attack in Mogadishu on Thursday was carried out by a male suicide bomber dressed in women’s clothing, witnesses said.

30,000 U.S. Troops Not Fighting 100 Al Qaeda Terrorists, Officials Insist
Intelligence officials on Wednesday disputed suggestions that President Obama is sending 30,000 more troops just to fight 100 Al Qaeda operatives estimated to be remaining in Afghanistan, arguing that their influence with the Taliban makes them far more harmful than their numbers would indicate.

National security threat changing: Zuma
“The emphasis on human security, and the explosion of information has led to the borderless movement of people and finances. These rapid global changes create uncertainty in the future of any nation.

Napolitano Toughens Language on Domestic Terrorism
Speaking to the America-Israel friendship league in New York, the secretary said the spate of recent terrorism arrests left no doubt that extremists are inside the country. “We are seeing young Americans who are inspired by Al Qaeda and radical ideology,” she said.

Book it to Jabberwocky this Saturday; Meet a Secret Agent Man
Area youths will have an opportunity for a firsthand tutorial about the intriguing world of espionage and intelligence when Peter Earnest–author of “The Real Spy’s Guide to Becoming a Spy”–comes to Fredericksburg this Saturday. With the experience of a 35-year career in the clandestine service of the CIA, as well as his role as the founding (and current) executive director of the International Spy Museum, Earnest is a wealth of information on the vast intelligence arena–comprising more than 200,000 employees in the United States.

Northrop Grumman Founds Cybersecurity Consortium
The new private sector-academic cybersecurity consortium could put the massive system integrator at an even bigger advantage within the government security market..

Worth Watching: AtlanticCouncil

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