Patrols and turkey in Afghan war zone
Thanksgiving Day for soldiers in this valley ringed by towering snowy peaks began with a 6-mile slog to aid village schools without desks and windows, and promises to end with five, once scrawny local turkeys soldiers have been fattening up for the past month. “Just another day, another mission,” several soldiers said as a 25-man patrol from Able Troop, 3-71 Cavalry Squadron, 10th Mountain Division, set out on a cold morning under brilliantly blue skies.

Israel soldier swap talks on hold
Indirect talks between Israel and the Islamist Hamas movement over a prisoner exchange involving Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit have been suspended until Tuesday, according to a Palestinian official.

Middle East power shifting to Turkey and Iran
While the United States and Europe have been struggling to find a path forward in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Afghanistan, and Iran, the strategic ground upon which their assumptions about the region rest has begun to shift dramatically.

USAF Growing Cyber Warfare Ops Center
The newly-created 24th U.S. Air Force, the service’s latest numbered force, aims to establish the first elements of a cyberspace command operations center in San Antonio by the end of December.

US headache over Afghan deserters
One in every four combat soldiers quit the Afghan National Army (ANA) during the year ending in September, published data by the US Defense Department and the Inspector General for Reconstruction in Afghanistan reveals.

SKorea confirms some 5,000 wartime executions
South Korean soldiers and police executed nearly 5,000 citizens during the early months of the 1950-53 Korean War, fearing they could collaborate with invading North Korean troops, a government commission said Thursday.

CMF Participates in Counterpiracy Conference in Beijing
Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) participated in an international counterpiracy conference held recently Beijing. Piracy off the coast of Somalia continues to be a major concern for international shipping operating within 1,000 miles of the coast.

Military Spook In New Civilian Cyber Security Post
Air Commodore Graham Wright CBE was drafted in at some point over the last couple of months. A Jaguar pilot, he was base commander at RAF Coltishall until it closed in 2006. After this, he went to the Ministry of Defence, becoming Director of its Directorate of Targeting and Information Operations (DTIO). DTIO was set up in 2001 to integrate military information operations and targeting, and improve intelligence support to IO. The web’s littered with info on their activities in Iraq in particular, so go digging if you want to find out more about DTIO.

Turkey demands Israel deliver drones
Turkey has warned Israeli defense contractors to deliver on 10 promised drone aircraft in 50 days or the deal may be canceled.

German Military Chief Resigns Over Afghan Air Strike
Germany’s armed forces chief Wolfgang Schneiderhan has resigned, Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg said, after accusations the military withheld information about an air strike in Afghanistan.

North Korean Arms Exports Continue
A UN investigation has concluded that North Korea is continuing to export weapons, and using the hard currency obtained to import luxury items for the ruling elite of the communist police state. The UN report detailed North Korean use of false documents and the switching of cargo containers to different ships to throw off investigators.

Wounded soldier Tom speaks about his experience
Corporal Tom Neathway of the Parachute Regiment, a triple amputee noted for his positive determination in the BBC’s ‘Wounded’ programme, has been speaking about his personal experience to those recovering from minor injuries at Royal Air Force Halton’s Primary Care Rehabilitation Facility.

Philippine troops move into the south
Hundreds of Philippine troops have taken over the main government buildings in four southern towns following political violence that has left 57 people dead, including journalists and bystanders.

Worth Watching: Ubiwar

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